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Common Reading : Web Resources and Multimedia

Web Resources

Football and CTE (Concussion Risk)

FRONTLINE: The PBS documentary series has a ton of interviews, shows and articles on this topic. Search under "Sports." Of particular note are the "League of Denial" episodes and the "ConcussionWatch" examinations that occur after the investigative report was aired; continued review of this topic and concerns about it are also available.

Brain Injury Research Institute: Cofounded by Dr. Bennet Omalu to research brain injury and help create future protocols for assessing, treating and preventing brain damage due to concussions and similar trauma events.

Concussion Legacy Foundation:

Academic and Professional Research Ethics 

International Center for Academic Integrity : organization dedicated to growing "cultures of integrity in academic communities." Provides a PDF about six values that uphold academic integrity, including courage, entitled Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity, resources, conferences, assessment tools and events for cultivating academic integrity.

World Health Organization page on Ethics and Health: provides guidelines and standards for performing research experiments with or on human beings

Shepherd University Research Integrity Policy


Articles on CTE in Football


"Game Brain" The GQ article, written by Laskas in 2009 that inspired the movie--and prompted discussion

GQ topic on CTE: includes articles (including the initial one by Laskas), videos and other

"The Football Industrial Complex is in Big Trouble" Fortune  online article by Tom Huddleston Jr, published on September 7, 2017.

New York Times topic page on Head Injuries in Football: provides relevant articles on the topic, most recent first

"Study: CTE Found in Nearly All Donated  NFL Player Brains." NPR article presented or written by Tom Goldman heard on "All Things Considered" July 25, 2017

Official Movie Trailer

This video shows the official trailer for the movie "Concussion" starring Will Smith as Dr. Bennet Omalu.

TED Talk about Brain Injury

Kevin Pearce gives a TEDTalk at Lincoln Square entitled "A Brain Injury is like a Fingerprint: No Two are Alike." This event was published to YouTube on May 4, 2017. This video has been provided with closed captioning and a transcript is available for this video using the ". . ." (More) tab.