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Common Reading : Mindfulness: Help for the Overwhelmed

Mindfulness Resources

Below are some resources originally presented on a Scarborough Library brochure on the topic of mindfulness and how the practice can assist in combating both increasing attachment to technological devices and information overload.

Books on Mindfulness


Mindfulness in plain English/ Bhante Henepola Gunaratana


     BQ 5630 .V5 G86 2011

Child’s Mind: mindfulness practices to help our children be more focused, calm, and relaxed/ Christopher Willard


      BF 723 .M37 W55 2010

Mindfulness-based stress reduction workbook/ Bob Stahl


     RA 785 .S73 2010

The art and science of mindfulness : integrating mindfulness into psychology and the helping professions /Shapiro, Shauna L.


RC 489 .M43 S54 2009

Born digital: understanding the first generation of digital natives/John Palfrey and Urs Gasser


    HM 851 .P34 2008


Web Resources on Mindfulness

"Mindfulness and Technology" BeWell@Stanford interview with Kelly McGonigal

Wisdom 2.0:   "Where the technology and contemplative communities ... Hash out the best ways to incorporate these tools into our lives -- and keep them from taking over."   ~ Wired Magazine

The Crucial Importance of Technology and Mindfulness (

How to Balance Technology with Mindfulness (

Pico Iyer: The Art of Stillness  (TED Talk)

TED Speaker, Andy Puddicombe, Mindfulness Expert



Apps for Mindfulness Instruction