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Common Reading : Web Resources and Multimedia

Web Resources

Social Justice Issues

ACLU Issue: "Mass Incarceration": a fact sheet on the primary issue of mass incarceration; other related topics can be researched on the same site

Equal Justice Initiative : Bryan Stevenson's non-profit organization

Southern Poverty Law Center: non-profit  organization that seeks to uphold the civil rights of marginalized populations (prisoners, children, immigrants) through legal representation and education 


Capital Punishment

Death Penalty Information Center: Organization that provides statistics, analysis, and other useful information concerning capital punishment

Amnesty International: US Death Penalty Facts

Capital Punishment: New York Times articles on the topic of capital punishment


 Wrongful Convictions

Causes of Wrongful Convictions: University of Michigan Law page on causes of wrongful conviction

Innocence Project: the organization's goal is to exonerate wrongfully convicted persons through DNA testing

Juvenile Murder Convicts Sentencing: Questions and Concerns

Here is PBS NewsHour's discussion of the issues considered in life without parole sentences for juvenile murder convicts, posted to YouTube on March 20, 2012.