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Common Reading : Web Resources and Multimedia

Web Resources

North Korea: Land and People

Timelines of Korean History: Provided by Art and, an exceedingly concise timeline of Korea's history up through 2011.

Timelines of History North Korea: provided by Timelines of History, this timeline provides information about important events in modern North Korea's history, right up to 2017 (including month and source of information if known)

North Korea: CIA World Factbook: provides useful information on the country from government to economy.

North Korea Times: Oldest online news service in North Korea

North Korea Freedom Coalition: website of the North Korea Freedom Coalition; the link will open to their "who we are" page rather than the home page.

"Why Does North Korea Hate the US? Look to the Korean War: Video posted on Washington Post's YouTube channel May 29. 2017. Provides a concise explanation for the animosity between the governments of the two nations.

Human Rights

UN Declaration of Human Rights: The thirty article declaration of human rights as laid out by the United Nations. There is a downloadable PDF file and an illustrated version of the document available as well as the online one.

Amnesty International: Non-government organization for human rights.

Articles about North Korea and Its People

'We are ready to die.' Five North Korean Defectors Who Never Made It. New York Times article published on March 25, 2018.

New York Times topic page on North Korea: provides articles on the country, its policies, and its people

"Seoul Success": Washington Post article by Ana Fififield from Aug 3, 2018 about young North Korean defectors.

"What Would Korean Reunification Look Like? Five Glaring Problems to Overcome": article in TIME magazine by Charlie Campbell on April 26, 2018.

What Happens to North Korean Defectors After They Escape?

Below is a YouTube Video from Business Insider explaining in brief an answer to this question. This video was uploaded to YouTube on Aug 5, 2018. A transcript is available for this video using the ". . .". This video also has been provided with closed captioning.

Korean Folk Dance:Buchaechum (Video)

The video below showcases a traditional Korean dance performed by Yoon Minsook Dance Troupe and recorded in Spain on August 13, 2014. The video was uploaded to YouTube five days later.