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Common Reading : Web Resources and Multimedia

Pocahantas County WV Highlights

Wayne Worth provides a short overview of Pocahontas County, WV, highlights in his YouTube series "On the Road in West Virginia: Our 55 Counties." This video was uploaded on Oct 18, 2017.

"From Manuscript to Marketplace" Discussion

The Authors Guild Foundation has posted on YouTube a series of presentations titled "From Manuscript to Marketplace" where discussions are held about how a final draft of a promising title went from being a manuscript to the shelves of bookstores. On Friday November 8, 2020, Emma Copley Eisenberg, author of our Common Reading, joined Paul Whitlatch of Crown Publishing Group to talk about the process with her book, THE THIRD RAINBOW GIRL.

Short Pieces

"Seeing Appalachia Through the Eyes of Appalachians": A photo essay in The Nation by Layne Amerikaner on June 25, 2016

NPR Review of the "Third Rainbow Girl": a review of the book on February 4, 2020 on "Fresh Air"

lt's Time to Tune In: Why Listening is the Real Key to Communication: a 2020 article from The Guardian on the art and practice of listening


Web Resources


"Find a Gathering" page posted on the site "Somewhere Under the" kept by Tom Thumb



Unsolved Mysteries: The show where you still might help solve a crime

COURT TV:  Live trial cases; court news

35 Best Serial Killer Documentaries:'s current list of documentaries about serial killers, written by



"The Straight Facts on Women in Poverty": Report by Alexandra Cawthorne-Gaines posted on October 8,2008 on the Center for American Progress (CAP) website

"Stereotypes": Short article on Simply by Dr. Saul MacLeod about the reasons for, positive and negative aspects of, and ways to consider stereotypes.

"Being Wrongly Accused can be a nightmare: Here's how to handle it": The Ipswich News newspaper has an article on what to do if you are accused of a crime you did not commit, written by Nestor Pospods on September 8, 2021 in the Lifestyle section.


Oral History

Oral History and Interviews

Oral History Association : organization for those conducting oral history; provides a manual of best practices, educational resources, listservs, and other useful information and tools for conducting, transcribing, and preserving oral history.

Oral History Interviews: website on how to conduct interviews for oral history provided by the Library of Congress's The American Folklife Center

StoryCorps: non-profit organization for collecting and preserving human stories via animations, podcasts and interviews

Shepherd University Research Integrity Policy