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Shepherd University Archives-- Reading Room Displays: Reading Room Display Spring2024--Baseball



1897-Baseball club formed (photo available for members of 1905)

1904- Equipment and uniforms for baseball to be paid for by the school rather than the players

1915-Baseball field (Fairfax Field) first used

1916- Athletic Association builds baseball diamond; coach for all athletics hired, also teaches another course

1924-Fairfax Field named



Display Photos--Left Side

All contents are listed from the back of the case to the front


 1905-Photograph of Shepherd baseball team-1905 College Catalog

 1904- Equipment paid for by college- Glove and ball

1962-"History of Sport" article in PICKET Feb 29, 1962 page 1 (transcribed)

"History of Sport" by James Pope PICKET February 29, 1962

Photo Credits

All photographs of display taken by  Tara Carlisle

Play Ball! Baseball at Shepherd: 1897-2024


Spring term is here--and so is the sport with the "seventh inning stretch."

While the game was certainly played prior to 1897, the first officially organized baseball club was begun in that year--and aside from a few notable seasons, baseball has been played at Shepherd since. This term's  display "PLAY BALL! Baseball at Shepherd: 1897-2024" covers particular highlights from one of the longest-running sports on campus.


All display photos taken by Ms. Tara Carlisle


Photos of the Display--Spring Term

2024springDisplay_DisplayCase_LeftSide 2024SpringDisplay_DisplayCase_Center 2024SpringDisplay_Displaycase_RightSide

Display Photos-Center

All contents are listed from the back of the case to the front

2024-SU baseball schedule

1915-Fairfax Field first used for games-baseball diamond image

1916-First coach hired and baseball diamond built

1924-Fairfax Field officially named

Display card sharing final quote from "History of Sport" article PICKET February 29, 1962

(Correction of statement provided in-text using brackets done by archivist)


Timeline 2

1940- First no-hit, no-run game in Shepherd's history pitched in this year

1942-Baseball season cancelled partway through due to rationing of gasoline (limiting transportation)

1983- West Virginia Conference Champions

1997-Coach Riser earns 83rd win

2020- COVID-19 cancels season in March


Display Photos--Right Side

All contents are listed from the back of the case to the front

2020- COVID-19 halts rest of season in March-face mask

1997-Coach Riser celebrates 83rd win-numbered and blank board game tiles

1983-WV Conference Champions-college yearbook

1942-1945-WWII gas rationing keeps team home (no intercollegiate games)-LEGO bus and display card "NO Gas, NO Transportation, NO Games with Other Teams"