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Shepherd University Archives-- Reading Room Displays: Reading Room Display Spring 2022 Sesquicentennial Milestones: 1871-2022

2021 Fall Display Left Side

From the back of the display to the front

1893- Surveyor's instruments Harry A Osbourn

1934- Student Handbook (Dr. James Watson)

1980- Vinyl record of Shepherd College Jazz Ensemble LIVE!

Photo Descriptions and Credits

2022 Spring Display Center of Case (photos are not in order of display)

From the back of the case

Photo 1: --  McMurran Hall replica and Centennial Founder's Day program, open to "History of Shepherd" (McMurran Hall is oldest campus building; used as classrooms in 1871; houses Alumni Offices in 2022)

Photo 2:  1941-1945- WWII (photocopy of letter from Saul Viemer to Stewart Arnold, Shepherd College librarian and 1961 Tri-Sigma paddle with names

Photo 3: Shepherd College and Shepherd University pennants, each displaying the seal of the institution (Shepherd College seal adopted in 1912; Shepherd University's in 2004)

Photo 4: Display title and sources (center of display)


Photos taken by Ms. Rhonda Donaldson

Sesquicentennial Milestones: 1871-2021





This term's display, titled "Sesquicentennial Milestones: 1871-2022" is a  continued celebration of Shepherd University's one hundred-fiftieth birthday. The display is divided into three sections (Studies, Sports, and Social Activities).

Some items remain from Fall Term, representing the endurance of the academic institution through the years; other items have been swapped out to highlight changes, achievements or interesting facts.

Display photo taken by Ms. Rhonda Donaldson

Photos of the Display--Spring Term

2022SpringDisplay_LeftSideofDisplay 2022SpringDisplay_BackDisplayCase_McMurranHallwoodenreplicaandCentennialFoundersDay Programopento ShepherdHistory 2022SpringDisplay_RightSideofDisplay_SportsStressBalls_WVIACFootballPlaque_FaceMask
  2022SpringDisplay_ShepherdCollegeand ShepherdUniversityPennantsDecoratedWithSeals  

2022SpringDisplay_Tri-WWII Letter From Saul Viemer to Stewart Arnold-1961Tri-SigmaSororityPaddlewithNames




An Invitation

Join us in the celebration!


As you enter the library, visit the Community Reading Room (next to the movie posters) to see the Sesquicentennial Signature Quilt! Ms. Rhonda Donaldson completed the sewing of the squares over Winter Break and it is now displayed for everyone's pleasure.

2021 Fall Display Right Side

From the back of the case to the front:

1899-Team sports on campus (Basketball-girls, Baseball-boys)

1955- Shepherd College wins first WVIAC Football tournament (plaque)

2020--COVID-19 pandemic represented by face mask







At the request of  the Sigma Sigma Sigma (Tri-Sig) sorority, the paddle with names within this display has been permanently removed from use in all future library or archival displays.