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Shepherd University Archives-- Reading Room Displays: Reading Room Display Spring 2023-Radio

Timeline---Radio at SU

1922- Sr. Class gives Radio Receiving Station to SC as gift

1942-1949- Radio in Room surcharge $.50/semester listed in college catalog

1949- Speech lab and Radio Station (department) dedicated in May (lab and department in Knutti)

1950's-Voice of Shepherd (radio dept) provided content for WEPM Martinsburg broadcasts, including radio plays

1973-WSHC on air in Dec

1981-Items stolen from radio station, found in Martinsburg WV pawnshop

1982-Radio station changes FM frequency from 88.7 FM to 93.7 FM

1990-WV Public Radio sets up an office in Sara Cree Hall

1992-Radio station changes station frequency from 93.7 FM to 89.7 FM

1993-WSHC broken into again; 3/4 CD collection taken

2023- Radio station WSHC still on air; schedule is posted online



Archives Items Related to the Display

2023 Spring Display Left Side

From the back of the display to the front

1920's advertisement of Radio Receiving Station

Shepherd College Jazz Ensemble Live! vinyl record

Copy of 1978 yearbook photo of WSHC Studio in Knutti Hall




How to Play Recorded Music (before streaming services)--The Vinyl Record

Vinyl records, such as the Shepherd College Jazz Ensemble: Live! (currently in the display case) are played on record players.

In the Special Collections room of the library, a small record player is stored.


Please contact the Special Collections Librarian  at if you wish to view or potentially use this device.



More Than Music: The Radio at Shepherd 1922-2023



Spring 2023 DisplayComplete


This term's display, titled "More Than Music: The Radio at Shepherd 1922-2023" is a celebration of the radio at Shepherd from 1922 to the present. Did you know that the campus has a radio station that runs out of the basement of Knutti Hall? From its arrival to to its continuation in a time of multiple types of broadcast mediums, radio has shaped generations of students.

Display photo taken by Ms. Tara Carlisle

Photos of the Display--Spring Term

Left Side--Spring 2023 Display--1920's Radio ReceivingStation Advertisement, copy of 1978 yearbook photo of radio studio, Shepherd College Jazz Ensemble Live! vinyl record Cemter of Display--Spring 2023--Showing two quarters, photo of two young ladies listening to a radio, a copy of 1949 Student Organizations. a photo of two young men in radio department Right Side--Spring 2023 Display showing college catalog open, a closed book containing a radio play, a CD on yellow paper, and a current schedule of programs on the campus radio station

Photo Descriptions and Credits

2023 Spring Display Center of Case (photos are in order from the back of the case



$.50 (two quarters) to represent the fee for having a private radio in the dorm room during the 1940's

Photo of two girls listening to their radio in a dorm room

Copy of Student Activities page from 1949 College Catalog

Photo of two young men in the radio studio





 Display title and sources (center of display)



Photos taken by Ms. Tara Carlisle

Finding Out More--An Invitation to Research

The Senior Class of 1922 recognized the possibilities of radio at Shepherd before the communication medium became a "household" technology. During the 1940's, there was a surcharge for having a personal radio in the dorms; by the 1960's, there was a solid curriculum in Radio Broadcasting available. In 1973, the college station was live on the FM band.

While radio stations seem to have faded in communication prominence due to television and computer mediums of broadcasting, they still exist; this includes Shepherd University's own campus-run station, WSHC 89.7 FM, that runs out of the same place that once housed the Radio Receiving Station: Knutti Hall.

Part of the Communication and New Media department. the radio station allows students to practice broadcasting on a medium where sound alone is used to provide information, entertainment, and connection with the world.




2023 Spring Display Right Side

From the back of the case to the front:

1954 College Catalog open to Radio Courses

The Great American Fourth of July Parade : A Verse Play for Radio by Archibald MacLeish

Music CD

WSHC Weekly Schedule for Jan 8-Jan 14, 2023









How to Play Recorded Music (before streaming services)--The Compact Disc (CD)

The compact disc (CD) also in the display can be played using a disc drive on the computer or using a CD player.

How to Play Recorded Music (before streaming services)--The Cassette Tape

Cassette tapes are also a still-recognized storage and playback medium for audio performances, but the tapes and the equipment to play them have fallen out of general use since the later 1990's.