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Shepherd University Archives-- Reading Room Displays: Reading Room Display Fall2022 - 100 Years Ago

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Diploma of Mildred Goldsberry Bowers (June 8, 1922)

Some  Phases of the Normal School and Teacher Problem in West Virginia /Wilson Henry Stout White (W.H.S. White, Shepherd College president from 1920-1948)





2022 Fall Display Left Side

From the back of the display to the front

"Upper Ten" recognition for academic achievement begun each semester (precursor to Deans List)

Shepherdstown High School organized; classes held in McMurran (cardinal is mascot)

Newbery Award for Children's Literature award and the cover of the first winner, THE STORY OF MANKIND by Hendrik Willem van Loon

Syringe and small medicine bottle representing insulin used to first treat diabetes




Shepherd and the World a Hundred Years Ago: A Small Sample





This term's display, titled "Shepherd and the World A Hundred Years Ago: A Small Sample" is a look back over 1922 both at Shepherd College and out in the world. What momentous events shaped the year both on and off campus? The events chosen represent findings or changes that impact the world a century later.

Display photo taken by Ms. Denise Kretzmer

Photos of the Display--Fall Term

Left Side of  Fall Display 2022 showing "Upper Ten" scholars for 1922 academic year; Shepherdstown High School mascot and information; the Newbery Award and the cover of the first winner; syringe and bottle representing insulin used to treat diabetes Center of Fall 2022 Display showing President White's master's thesis; the Montgomery Ward advertisment for the radio recieving statition (the 1922 Senior Class gift); and the sources list Right Side Fall Display 2022 showing photo of Rumsey Hall (Entler Hotel), first men's dorm; 1922 College Catalog, open; 1922 Student Expenses sheet with equivalent current  total prices; five dollar bill reverse to show Lincoln Memorial and a face mask depicting King Tut's face mask

Photo Descriptions and Credits

2022 Fall Display Center of Case (photos are in order from the back of the case

Copy of President White's  master's dissertation

1922 graduating class gives Radio receiving station as class gift (Knutti Hall auditorium); Montgomery Ward advertisement of the time (copy) shows the apparatus and price




 Display title and sources (center of display)



Photos taken by Ms. Denise Kretzmer

Finding Out More--An Invitation to Research

What else made the news a hundred years ago? What was popular in music, art, film and literature?

Questions like these can help jump-start research in particular topics of interest--and newspapers are a good place to start answering them. Nationally-known publications such as the New York Times share what was important to those in positions of political, economic or social power at the country level. Local papers, such as the the Shepherdstown Register, focus on items of critical importance to the immediate area: weather, marriages, deaths, who came to visit, state politics, the prices of livestock, corn, and fruits.


View the Newspapers research guide to discover which papers were available in 1922 and see if Shepherd University has copies of them either in microfilm or electronically.


2022 Fall Display Right Side

From the back of the case to the front:

Rumsey Hall (Entler Hotel) is first boys' dorm (photo)

1922 College Catalog open to section on "Men's Dormitory" and "Rules" below

1922 Shepherd College Expenses Explained (including current relative prices for college attendees)

Lincoln Memorial dedicated (back of $5 shows monument)

Tutankhamen's tomb found by Dr. Carter (face mask)