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Shepherd University Archives-- Reading Room Displays: Reading Room Display Spring2021-TeacherTraining

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1909--Spring Term The Model School begins (grades 1 and 2) to give senior-level normal students experience teaching (Reynolds Hall was used)

1915: The Training School (Graded School) teaches Grades 1-8; their faculty is listed in the college catalog

1923--Ms. Florence Shaw becomes Supervisor of Teacher Training; she shares this task with other female instructors

1928--The Little House and Barn are constructed over Summer Term by children being instructed by teachers taking the Summer School (Little House Scrapbook)

1957: The former Graded School building is acquired by Shepherd College and houses the social sciences

1957/8: A nursery school is established on campus. (This fact is listed under Home Economics.) Thanks to Miss Shaw's generosity, the Little House and Barn are used by the Nursery School children as recreation areas.

1979:  Stutzman-Slonaker Hall (formerly "Building B") is dedicated. The Nursery School classroom moves into this building

2017: Nursery school at Shepherd closes


Note: All bold events on the timeline have display items associated with them

Sources for webpage timeline include History of Shepherd College by AG Slonaker, the Cohongoroota (the college yearbook), college catalogs, the archives vertical file, and the memories of former Nursery School personnel.


Displays from the Archives and Special Collections


This term's display is a short overview of on-campus hands'-on student-teacher training at Shepherd. A model school was created on campus in the early twentieth century; its legacy (on-campus) includes the inclusion of the training school in campus publications, the building of the Little House and Barn, and the creation and long-running of the Shepherd College/Shepherd University Nursery School.


Photos of the Display



Display Case Left Side

From the front to the back of the case

  • "Model School" College Catalog 1910
  • "Nucleus of the Model School" (photograph) College Catalog 1909
  • "Upper and Lower Grades" at the Training School, Cohongoroota, 1927


Display Case Right Side

From the back to the front of the case

  • Photo of the Former Graded School 1960's
  • History of Home Economics at Shepherd College 191x-71
  • "Professional Block" and photo of Nursery School, College Catalog 1977
  • "Early Learning Center" website

Center of Display

From the front to the back of the case

  • Display title and sources card
  • "Plan of Work--Week One" Little House Scrapbook, pg 10
  • Watercolor of "The Little House" by Bob Wantz
  • "The Little House" section of Shepherd College Honor Day pamphlet (on top left corner of the watercolor)
  • "Little House Scrapbook" pg 72 (left side)
  • Photo of Former Graded School, 1960's (right side



Display Title and Sources

All photos of display were done by Ms. Jess Roberts

Florence Shaw

One of the longest-serving instructors at Shepherd College, Ms. Florence Shaw is best remembered for the Little House and Barn project. In 1970, when Shaw Hall was dedicated to her, she brought a re-creation of the original Little House Scrapbook for the college to have.