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Shepherd University Archives-- Reading Room Displays: Reading Room Display Spring2020-EastCampus

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East Campus Visions 1948-2020

The Visionaries: Dr. Oliver S Ikenberry

President Oliver S Ikenberry, the tenth president of Shepherd College, came in with a twenty-five year plan to expand Shepherd: campus, programs, and influence. The "Greater Shepherd" was his project--and he managed to bring much of his vision to reality: when he departed in 1968, East Campus was standing: gym, cafeteria, men's and women's dorms, library building, student center (all new); White Gym had been converted to White Hall (classrooms); the Graded School building was available for use; and the Potts property was purchased for further expansion of West Campus.


Reading Room Display Case

Display titled East Campus Visions 1948-2020, including an architectural model from 2000, several campus maps, an aerial photograph, and a Google Earth snapshot

 East Campus Visions 1948-2020

Shepherd University has changed over the years-- as it has grown from a "normal" school (a school that taught teachers how to teach) into the university it is now. East Campus has grown over the years to both reflect the vision of its leaders and support the needs of its students. The display this term focuses on the changes to East Campus from 1948, when Dr. Ikenberry became president, through time in roughly twenty year increments, until 2020.

The Visionaries: Dr. David L Dunlop

Dr. David L Dunlop's contributions to East Campus focused on improving or expanding existing buildings, such as the Byrd Science Center, or, as in the architectural model, the library space around us today. An online article from the final year of his tenure discusses his vision and its relation to how campus as a whole changed during his presidency.