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Shepherd University Archives-- Reading Room Displays: Reading Room Display Fall/Summer2020--Tennis


1899-Listed athletic activities include baseball, tennis, croquet, and basketball (catalog)

1902- Photo of campus diversions

1926--Tennis Association formed; becomes "organized" sport (Picket April 1926)

1947--Tennis courts still behind Knutti (photo)

1961--Coed tennis intramurals started (Picket May 1961)

1972: Men's tennis team photo in Cohongoroota (college yearbook)

1980: Men's and women's tennis teams have recruitment brochures

1990: New Wellness Center has indoor tennis courts

2020: Sports suspended due to coronavirus pandemic (noted in 2020 Senior Spotlight biography)

Reading Room Display Case




On The Court: Tennis at Shepherd 1899-2020

This summer term's display focuses on one of the oldest sports played at Shepherd: tennis. It, along with baseball and basketball, happens to be listed as an athletic activity in 1899.

Below, photographs of sections of the display have been taken and posted.


Photographs of Display




Left Side of the Display Case

(from the front of the case to the back)

  • 1899 Picket article
  • 1902 College Catalog
  • 1921 Picket article
  • 1947 photo of Tennis Courts (behind Knutti)





Right Side of the Display Case

(from the back of the display case to the front)

  • 1947 photo of Tennis Courts (behind Knutti)
  • 1972 yearbook (photo of Men's Tennis team)
  • 1980-1981 Tennis brochure (on right page of yearbook)
  • 1990-1991 Tennis brochure




Center of Display

(from the back to the front)

  • 1947 photo of tennis courts (behind Knutti)
  • 1972 yearbook (photo of Men's Tennis team)
  • 2020 Men's Tennis Senior Spotlight



Front of Display Case

  • Display title card and sources


SU Athletics Department

Shepherd Athletics Department has news, rosters, and other information about the Rams' men's and women's conference-level sports, several of which are thought of as "summer" sports, including baseball, softball, golf, soccer and tennis.

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