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Shepherd University Archives-- Reading Room Displays: Reading Room Display Summer 2023--McMurranHallandClock

Timeline--McMurran Hall and Its Clock

1842-Clock built for town to be placed in what will be Trinity Episcopal

1860-Building erected for community purposes by Rezin D Shepherd (College catalog, 1985); clock moved to this tower

1871-First academic building on campus

1891-Perpetual lease of building granted to Shepherd College

1927-McMurran Hall officially named

 1930- Poem and linoleum print in PICKET honoring the "OLD TOWN CLOCK"

1942-Article on town clock history indicates that as of 1942, it is 100 years old, and is still wound by hand once a week.

1951-McMurran Hall listed on a tour of historic places in Jefferson County (PICKET article gives brief history of former courthouse/current building)

1972-McMurran Hall on one face of the Shepherd College Centennial Coin

1976-Shepherdstown Bicentennial--Town seal depicts McMurran Hall, Rumsey Monument and Thomas Shepherd's Mill, going from right to left)

1982- 1993 McMurran and Reynolds Halls renovations begun

1993-McMurran Hall renovations complete; Alumni and Foundation Offices move in

2004- Shepherd University seal displays clock tower

2015-Talk given on clock/ McMurran Hall by Historic Shepherdstown Commission

2023-Shepherd University Service pins for full-time employees show McMurran



2023 Summer Display Left Side

From the back of the display to the front

Copy of engraving of McMurran Hall (used in SC publication)

"McMurran Hall" page of Shepherdstown Sketchbook by Diana Suttenfield with transcript of text and $1 bill (the fine for "loafing on or near 'the Wall'" in 1895)

CD of images of McMurran Clock; set on open pages of See Shepherd's Town III, book open to title page and Town Seal








Items Related to the Display--Shepherdstown

 Because McMurran Hall is not only part of Shepherd University campus but is also a town touchstone, it is  likely that the building is depicted or described in books written about the town.

Memories/ Mary Bedinger Mitchell

See Shepherd's Town/ Bicentennial Commission (Shepherdstown, W Va)

Icon of Town and Campus:McMurran Hall and Its Clock





The oldest (and still-used) building on Shepherd University campus is McMurran Hall with its stunning clock tower, which serves both town and campus. This term's display explores both the history of the building and its clock and the many artistic depictions of McMurran Hall over the years, mostly by Shepherd students, written or visual.



Display photo taken by Ms. Rhonda Donaldson

Photos of the Display--Summer Term

2023SummerDisplay_Left_copy of early engraving of McMurran_, McMurran Hall page and transcript of text from  local book, a dollar bill, depiction of Shepherdstown Seal and a CD of image of the McMurran clock 2023SummerDisplay_Center_Copy of photo of Bell in Clock Tower and Decorative Plate showing McMurran Hall 2023SummerDisplay_Right_Copy of linoleum print and poem in 1930 issue of PICKET on the old town clock, sketch of campus in 1951 by JF "Chick" Thompson, for yearbook section (illustration shows McMurran at bottom of page), a 1972 Centennial Coin with McMurran on its face, an SU pennant showing the Clock Tower on the seal, and an SU  employee service pin showing McMurran
  2023SummerDisplay_Title&Sources_IconofTownandCampus: McMurran Hall and its Clock  

Photo Descriptions and Credits

2023 Summer Display Center of Case (photos are in order from the back of the case


Copy of photo of McMurran Clock Bell from 1963 PICKET article (April)

McMurran Hall decorative plate from 1980's




 Display title and sources (center of display)



Photos taken by Ms. Rhonda Donaldson

Finding Out More--An Invitation to Research

What can buildings tell us about the places we live? Which ones are instantly recognizable? Why are they so well-known? What types of structures exist in your local area that have significance due to historical, social, legendary, or familial events? How were they built? Rebuilt? Reused? Are they abandoned? Destroyed? What was their original purpose? Has the purpose changed?

These questions  can be explored through examining newspapers, blueprints, architectural drawings or models, through written accounts, deeds, estate records, maps and other records.

Shepherd University's History department has a Historic Preservation concentration that explores these questions and record types.





2023Summer Display Right Side

From the back of the case to the front:

Print  of and poem on "The Old Town Clock" from 1930's PICKET) 

Section Illustration from 1951 yearbook by J. F. "Chick" Thompson

1972 Centennial Coin

Shepherd University seal (created in 2004)

Shepherd University Full Time Service Pin (5 year)