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Shepherd University Archives-- Reading Room Displays: Reading Room Display Fall 2019-Music

A Community Endeavor

Chorus, glee clubs, a Mandolin and Guitar Club, an orchestra comprised of Shepherdstown community and Shepherd students and faculty; all of these performance options were available for practice, enjoyment and cultural expansion in the early twentieth century for Shepherd students.


Mentions and sometimes photographs  of these clubs are available in the print and digital collections in  the College Catalogs (circa 1909 or 1910) and in the Cohongoroota (circa 1912)

Reading Room Display Case

Photo of Reading Room display for Fall 2019: Staff Notes Music Department Highlights: The First 90 Years


Staff Notes: Highlights from the Music Department's First 90 Years

Music has been welcome, honored and honed at Shepherd since its founding, both vocal and instrumental. 2019's Fall exhibit honors Shepherd University's oldest separate department by tracing some of the highlights from its first ninety years.



Shepherd University Music Department

While the display and its timeline stop at 1962 for convenience, Shepherd University Music Department history continues into the present day. Learn about the current faculty, courses, workshops, and concerts offered by the department (which is still split between vocal and instrumental forms of music--in all its diversity). 

Display-Related Archive Items

While the display and its timeline stop at 1962 for convenience, the department has continued to perform, expand, and prove music matters still. Below are some items from the archives that showcase this fact.

The Shepherd College Jazz Ensemble live :1980 vinyl record of the jazz ensemble

Master of Music, Music Education / Shepherd College: Plannning the addition of graduate level curricula to the Music Department around 2003

Dido and Aeneas [by Henry Purcell ; Shepherd College Music Dept. ; directed by Robert Tudor ; chamber orchestra conducted by Scott Williamson]: Opera directed by the current Chair of the Music Department; recorded Feb 8-9, 2002.