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Appalachian Heritage Writer-in-Residence : Web Resources and Multimedia 2020

Web Resources: Appalachia: Culture and Linguistics

Appalachia: The Region and its People

CSEGA: Marshall University's Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Gender in Appalachia

Appalachian Region Commission: government commission on Appalachia

Appalachian Trail Conservancy: home page of the Appalachian Trail group that creates the Foxfire books


The Dialect of The Appalachian People: online article from West Virginia History

Southern Appalachian English: website from the University of South Carolina on and about Appalachian English; check out the bibliography!

DARE Language Distribution Maps: in color, these are the "regions" of American English as compiled in the Dictionary of American English; here, also is a list of linguistic regions each state is part of.

"Cavedweller" Official Movie Trailer (2004)

Here is the official movie trailer for "Cavedweller." It was uploaded to YouTube on's channel IN 2017.

Web Resources for Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence and Related Issues

What is Domestic Violence?: The National Domestic Hotline's website provides an overview of what constitutes domestic violence, including overt and covert actions

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: government webpage that has information on substance abuse and mental health issues, including brochures, helpline numbers, resources for training personnel that help clients, and other topics.

Get Smart About Drugs: West Virginia: a resource run by the US DEA that provides links to national, state and local resources concerning drug abuse, treatment and recovery.


Perceptions of People and Place

"Passive, Poor and White? What People Keep Getting Wrong about Appalachia" by Elizabeth Catte, published in The Guardian on February 5, 2018.

"Why Is It Still Okay to 'Trash' Poor White People?" by Leah Donnela, published on NPR's Code Switch:Word Watch program on August 1, 2018

"Fighting Addiction in Appalachia": a perspective blog post  written by Karen Sodomick hosted on Phoenix House of the Mid-Atlantic's website; Phoenix House helps with addition recovery.

Caving--The Underground Sport

One of the four protagonists of the novel chooses to go caving--and her experiences within the caves are explored in detail. Below are two websites related to the sport.

Safety and Techniques : web page on how to cave safely, what to bring, what do wear, what not to do; this page is part of the website maintained by the National Speleological Society (the US organization for caving)

Introduction to Caving Tour at Mammoth National Parka 3.5 hour tour of parts of Mammoth Cave can be set up and paid for at this website; this tour is meant to teach caving safety and it is noted that there are tight spaces, no alternate routes, and no bathroom facilities.