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Newspapers: Newspaper Timelines--WV

What Timeline?

Newspapers tend to change names, publishers, stop publishing, or merge over time. It is difficult to navigate through references, trying to locate the name or year of a newspaper required for research. This page attempts to lay out the newspaper "families" as a help to researchers.

Changes in the titles of these newspaper do not always correspond to locations either on a reel, in the library, or an alternate format; please consult the master list  for notes on locations or formats available.

This page covers other West Virginia-published newspapers that Shepherd University owns. 


National Telegraph (Clarksburg)

National Telegraph (Clarksburg—Harrison Co.)

Jan 3-Dec 5, 1862

Weekly National Telegraph (Clarksburg—Harrison Co.)

May 27, 1864-Dec 8, 1865; 1868

Hampshire County Newspapers

South Branch Intelligencer (Romney—Hampshire Co.)



Hampshire Review (Romney—Hampshire Co.)

May 22, 1884-March 25, 1903

Review (Romney—Hampshire Co.)

April 1903-Dec 22, 1920

Hampshire Review (Romney—Hampshire Co.)

Dec 29, 1920-July 1952

Hampshire Review and the South Branch Intelligencer

Aug 1952-June 1972; Current month (Reading Room)


Wheeling Intelligencer (Wheeling)

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer

1858-Nov 11, 1859

Daily Intelligencer (Wheeling WV)

Nov 12-1859-June 24, 1865

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer

June 26-Dec 1865

Hardy County Newspapers

Hardy County News (Moorefield, WV)

April 30, 1897-Dec 11, 1902; April 28, 1932-April 16, 1942


Weekly Examiner (Moorefield—Hardy Co.)

Nov 27, 1902; Jan 1903-Aug 1, 1907

  • Jan 1903-Aug 1, 1907 on same reel as Moorefield Examiner Aug 8-Dec 19, 1907

Moorefield Examiner (WV)

Aug 8, 1907-1936

  • Aug 8, 1907-Dec 19, 1907 located on same reel as Weekly Examiner (Moorefield) Jan 1903-Aug 1, 1907

Moorefield Examiner (WV)

1940-Mar 13, 1957

Moorefield Examiner and Hardy County News (WV)

Mar 20, 1957- 1972; Current month (Reading Room)