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Newspapers: Newspaper Timelines--Not WV (AL,TN, MS, NC)

Helpful Tips

Newspapers tend to change names, publishers, stop publishing, or merge over time. It is difficult to navigate through references, trying to locate the name or year of a newspaper required for research. This page attempts to lay out the newspaper "families" as a help to researchers.

Changes in the titles of these newspapers do not always correspond to locations either on a reel, in the library, or an alternate format; please consult the master list  for notes on locations or formats available.

Mobile Daily Advertiser (AL)

Mobile Daily Register (AL)

Feb 17, 1859-June 29, 1860

Mobile Advertiser and Register (AL)

June 7-Oct 31, 1861; Jan 18, 1862- June 6, 1863

Mobile Daily Advertiser and Register (AL)

June 9, 1863-May 26, 1864

Wilmington Herald (NC)

Wilmington Herald (Wilmington, NC)

April 9, 1857-April 29, 1858

Daily Herald (Wilmington, NC)

May 10, 1859-July 16, 1860

Natchez Free Trader (MS)

Daily Free Trader (Natchez, MS)

Feb 2-6, 1858

Natchez Daily Free Trader (MS)

Feb 1859- Sept 28, 1860

Daily Avalanche (TN)

Memphis Daily Avalanche (TN)

1861-1862(holdings incomplete); Jan-March 4, 1866

Daily Memphis Avalanche (TN)

March 6-Nov 2, 1866


Memphis Appeal (TN)

These two papers are related but neither merge nor follow each other.


Memphis Weekly Appeal (TN)

1858; Dec 21, 1859-Dec 5, 1860

Memphis Daily Appeal (TN)

1857-1866 (holdings incomplete)