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Shepherd University's Archives and Special Collections: Archive Survey

An Invitation to Participate in History

Dear Campus Community,   

I would like to invite you to be part of our history.  

In 1918 and 1919, during and after the Spanish flu pandemic, students and alumni of the college—wherever they were—wrote about their daily lives or recalled afterward how the pandemic of their time impacted them. Shepherd University Archives and Special Collections has yearbooks, the Picket, the local newspapers (on microfilm) and a valuable diary from that time period that document, however briefly, the pandemic of 102 years ago.  

Shepherd University Archives and Special Collections (SUASC) wants to document the stories of how COVID-19 is changing the lives of Shepherd University members and friends today. A short survey has been created to gather individual, personal stories; these will be collected and placed in our archive for later research and remembrance.  

If you choose to participate, you may wish to consider the following as you write your answer to the survey question: 

  • How has moving to (mostly) online-only interaction impacted you?  
  • What do you miss most during the shelter-in-place orders? 
  • What emotions are uppermost in your mind? 

However, the most important thing to write about is your experience at this time, whatever portion you feel comfortable sharing, whether that be work, learning, family impact, or something we have not yet considered. 

Feel free to share this survey with anyone and everyone.

Thank you for your consideration and participation.   


Frances Marshall

Reference and Special Collections Librarian

Please address any questions about this project to Frances Marshall, Reference and Special Collections Librarian, at