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How To - Do Basic Searches in WorldCat Discovery

Getting started in Worldcat Discovery

Basic and Expert Searching:

  • By default, a basic search is a “keyword” search. Enter a term in the search box and press “enter” on your keyboard or use the search button to execute that search.
  • An expert search may include index labels and Boolean operators. This search may be executed in any search box, such as the basic search box or the Advanced Search screen.
    • With index labels, it is important to use these with all the search terms; otherwise those terms without index labels will be treated as keyword (kw:) searches.
  • Capitalize the Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) when using them in a search. Search terms with Boolean operators are processed in left to right order.
  • Author names are hot linked on search results, in the Item Detail and under Editions & Formats. Click the author’s name to execute an author phrase search (au= ).

If you have a complex topic...

Let's start an advanced search for those complex problems...


Worldcat results are still rather confusing.  We need to do some troubleshooting to refine our search.