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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Culturally Responsive Education: More Things to read & Watch

This guide provides a starting point to finding resources on diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-oppression work at Shepherd University.

The Things...

Things to Watch

  1. Responding to Racial Bias and Microaggressions in Online Environments Frank Harris III & J. Luke Wood with CORA Learning (70 minutes)
  2. Turning Tensions and Conflict into Creative Engagement Paul Horton (55 minutes)
  3. Safeguarding Quality, Equity, & Inclusion as Learning Moves On-line AAC&U requires free account set- up (60 minutes)
  4. Asking the Right Questions Now: Preparing for the Next Chapter of Digital Learning NROC (60 minutes)
  5. #COVID-19 ASL Video Series Center for Disease Control (times vary)
  6. The Power of Vulnerability Brene Brown for TEDxHouston (20 minutes)
  7. COVID-19 Information Session for Seattle College Employees Christel Olsen, Environmental Health & Safety Manager for Seattle Colleges (90 minutes, starts at 6:00)
  8. Trauma Informed Pedagogy: Teaching in Uncertain Times Mays Imad for MAGNA Publications (1 hour, 45 minutes) password: trauma372
  9. Lifeboat Strategies for Student Success & Retention Tish Lopez, South Seattle College (90 minutes)
  10. Panopto Creator Training for SBCTC (70 minutes)
  11. Basic Starfish Navigation for Seattle Colleges (5 minutes)
  12. The Importance of Equity-Minded Virtual Practices During COVID19: A Conversation with Students USC Center for Urban Education (90 minutes)
  13. Equity-Minded Online Teaching: Using Canvas as a Model Jennifer Ortiz for USC Center for Urban Education (90 minutes)
  14. Being Aware of Learning Opportunities and Constraints Posed by Online Teaching and Moving Towards Anti-Racist Practices Sharla Berry and Sim Barhoum for USC Center for Urban Education (80 minutes)

Things To Read

  1. On-line Learning: Designing for Engagement and Collaboration Olivia Vagelos for IdeoU
  2. ‘We Know How to Be Racist. We Know How to Pretend to Be Not Racist. Now Let’s Know How to be Antiracist.’ Valerie Strauss, Washington Post
  3. The Dialogic Organization Development Approach to Transformation and Change Gervase R. Bushe and Robert J. Marshak
  4. The Unplanned Organization: Learning From Nature’s Emergent Creativity Margaret Wheatley, Noetic Sciences Review #37 Spring 1996
  5. Influencing Across Distance: 3 Strategies for Impact Sacha Connor for IdeoU
  6. ‘True Gen’: Generation Z and its implications for companies Tracy Francis and Fernanda Hoefel, November 2018, McKinsey & Co.
  7. 11 Pitfalls of Remote Work and How To Avoid Them IdeoU
  8. Zoom Exhaustion is Real. Here Are Six Ways to Find Balance and Stay Connected Steven Hickman
  9. Trauma-Informed Practices for Postsecondary Education: A Guide Shannon Davidson, PhD, Education Northwest
  10. How to Respond to Racial Microaggressions When They Occur J. Luke Wood and Frank Harris III, Diverse Education
  11. What 5 Colleges Learned from Implementing Guided Pathways Natalie Schwartz, EducationDIVE

Things To Do

  1. Go outside: walk, ride a bike, fly a kite
  2. Listen to the Creative Confidence Podcast, conversations on leadership and design thinking (available on Apple, Soundcloud, and Spotify)
  3. Review Activities for Remote Collaboration. Create your own remote activity to share with your team.
  4. Listen to a podcast on self-care or stress-management: Untangle, The Pineapple Project, The One You Feed, Happy Place, H.E.R Space: Uplifting Conversations for the Black Woman, Radio Headspace, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, The Thrive Global Podcast.
  5. Download and try a meditation app: Calm, Aura, Smiling Mind, buddhify, Headspace, Sattva, Insight Timer, 10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics.
  6. Complete the Implicit Bias Self-Inventory 
  7. Practice yoga or do simple stretches.
  8. Create a Service Blueprint to generate solutions for operational sticking points and slowdowns.
  9. Access on-line recovery or mental health support: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Al-Anon, National Association on Mental Illness.