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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Culturally Responsive Education: Anti-Asian Hate

This guide provides a starting point to finding resources on diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-oppression work at Shepherd University.


Stop AAPI Hate


Anti-Asian Violence

"Anti-Asian violence refers to the use of physical force, harassment, intimidation, or threat of violence against persons of Asian birth or ancestry, in a manner calculated to cause bodily harm or damage to property. While Asians may be the victims of ordinary violent crime like any other group of Americans, anti-Asian violence refers specifically to incidents in which the perpetrator is motivated by animus toward members of that community. Thus, anti-Asian violence falls under the general rubric of hate crime. The criminal justice system and sociologists regard hate crime as a special category of felony because those who suffer from it, if only psychologically, include not just the immediate victims but the entire community to which they belong."

-From Asian American History and Culture: An Encyclopedia

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