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Collection Development Policy for Scarborough Library: Gifts

Collection Development Policy


Scarborough Library appreciates the continued interest in the resources and services of our collections and facility. The library accepts donations of library materials for review. Items are accepted with the understanding that they will be handled in the best interest of the institution.

These materials may be physical (e.g., books, microforms, maps, DVD's and musical recordings) or digital (e.g., online access to citation and full-text databases, e-books, spoken-word, music or moving images).

Please Note: Decisions to add gift materials to the collections or to discard them are made on the basis of the library's collection policy, which is designed to support the University's academic programs.

Resources Not Collected

The Scarborough Library does not collect materials in certain categories.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Classroom textbooks
  • Large-print books
  • Individual software packages
  • Ephemera are not acquired for the general circulating collection
  • Material in outdated formats (e.g., Betamax tapes, VHS tapes, floppy disks, cassette tapes, etc.) are not collected. 

Material Donations

Donors wishing to make a material donation to the library should bring the donations, with a list of titles, author, and publication dates, to the Public Services Desk located inside the main entrance of the library. The donor will then complete a Scarborough Library Donations Policy form.

Click to access donation form

The library, by law, cannot provide assessments of their monetary value.

Please Note: Donations that are left outside the library when the library is closed will be discarded.

Questions regarding donations of materials should be addressed to the Collection Development or the Librarian Dean of the Library. Please call the Public Services desk to be transferred to the appropriate person at 304-876-5421.

The library encourages donors to obtain an appraisal of their donations for income tax purposes. Appraisals are the responsibility of the donors and should ideally be made prior to donation. The Internal Revenue Service considers library staff to be interested parties precluding their participation in the appraisal process. Acceptance of an appraised item does not imply agreement with the appraised value.



Monetary Donations

Monetary donations to the library are also accepted. Monetary donations are deposited into a special account in the Shepherd University Foundation and are used to purchase materials to enhance the Library's collections.

Questions regarding monetary donations to the Scarborough Library should be addressed to Shepherd University Foundation office at 304-876-5397.

Persons interested in making continuing and/or annual contributions to Scarborough Library may also check into becoming a member of the Scarborough Society.