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Maps: The Map Case

Location of the Map Case

The map case is a long black set of drawers set in between offices 249 and 250 (on the main floor of the library) in the reference section. In the boxes below are listed the general type of map found in certain drawers of the case.

US Census and Dept of Interior Maps (Drawers 4 and 6)

Drawers 4 and 6 contain US Census and Department of Interior maps.


The two globes of the Earth at the library are a free-standing one next to the map case (near office 250) and the smaller relief globe that sits on top of the map case.

West Virginia Maps (Drawers 1,2, and 3)

The first three drawers contain West Virginia and local historical maps.

Drawer 1: West Virginia Topographical

Drawer 2: Area Historical

Drawer 3: West Virginia

CIA Maps (Drawers 7,8,9)

This group of drawers contain the oversized country, regional, and continental maps created by the Central Intelligence Agency (other, smaller maps published by the agency reside in the government documents shelves on the third floor.) Maps are set in these drawers in alphabetically order (ex. Algeria and Antaarctica should be in Drawer 7.)

Drawer 7: A-I

Drawer 8: J-M

Drawer 9: N-S

National Geographic Maps (Drawer 10)

Drawer 10 contains fold-out maps from past issues of National Geographic Magazine.

US Dept of Defense Historical Drawings

Drawer 5 does not contain maps, but rather lovely large-scale historical drawings done by the US Department of Defense in sepia and black and white.