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How to Search EBSCOHost databases: Useful Limiters

Why Use Limiters?

A search for "climate change" will search every resource, in every publication, in individual or multiple databases, bringing up all possible results.  Limiters narrow down searches to manageable proportions if the results are too large. All images on this page except the "Limiters: Post-search" display the refining options on the screen prior to beginning a search.

Two Favorite Limiters

The two most frequently desired limiters are "full-text" and "peer-reviewed" sources.

Single Source Limiter

In order to search a single publication either use the Publication limiter and type the publication's name or by the method shown below which seem easier to find and use.

Limiter Locations: Pre-Search

Limiters can be accessed before clicking the green search button; the screenshot below shows the limiters available in Academic Search Complete; these appear directly under the search boxes.


Limiter Location: Post-Search

Limiters can also be accessed after a search has been completed, in order to further refine the results list; all of these tools appear on the left of the results list; most of these appear as check boxes, drop down menus or small slide bars. See the below screenshots for details.


Language, Year, Publication Type

A search can be limited to a specific language,

publication type,

or date (month/day/year)


Subject-Specific Limiters

Not all databases include the same set of refining options. Some databases (such as those in the social sciences or medical fields) have options that allow refining to specific age groups or types of studies performed or that are otherwise specific to the field of study.

Check individual databases for these extra types of limiters.