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How To - Access the library from off campus: Off-Campus Authentication

This guide will help you get familiar with how to access library e-resources from off campus.


You will need your Shepherd email address and password combination to access library subscription materials from off campus. The login screen is just like your login to your school email. If you encounter any problems, please send an email  to with the problematic url and the error message.

How to Find your Shepherd Email and Password?

As a Shepherd student, you are assigned a Shepherd email address to use for a lot of your school related activities. Here's how to find your email address and set a password for it. 

1. log in to RAIL using the last 9 digits of your Rambler ID and pin.

2. Click on "Personal Information".

3. To view your email address, click on "View E-mail Addresses". This is your official Shepherd email.

4. If you can't remember your password, click on "Password Management", on the next page, you can change your password.


With the combination of your shepherd email and password, you can access:

1. Microsoft Office 365.

2. Library electronic resources from off-campus and your library account.

3. Brightspace.

4. Campus Computers and wifi  - use only the first part of your email.

Who can Access The Library from off campus

Only those affiliated with Shepherd University (Students, Faculty, and Staff) may access the library database  resources from off campus.

emails must end with: or


Community & Scarborough Society members must access materials on campus only.

Off-Campus Sign In

If you have bookmarks with our old proxy prefix, please use the link below (right click on the icon, and "Copy link address") to replace our old proxy prefix ( 

Alternatively, you can append vendor provided url to this link for off-campus access as well.