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Gimlet: Tags

What are Tags?


Tags are words that further define the broad categories of 'Reference', 'Directional', and 'Technology'.

You may use more than one tag to describe a question.

Accurate reference statistics depend in part upon selecting the correct tag for each question you answer.

Below are definitions for the tags you will use when recording questions in Gimlet.


Tag Definitions

When recording your questions in Gimlet, please select the tag(s) that most closely represent the question.
Archive Use when you refer a patron to the library's archivist, Frances Marshall (Rhonda or Denise, in her absence).
  • Can I see a book from the WV Archive/Shepherd Archive?
  • Can I look at a book from the Rare Book Collection?
  • Do you have materials about Jefferson County?
  • Do you have books about Shepherd University?
Catalog  Use when you look up information in the library's online catalog (WorldCat Discovery). 
  • Title Search
  • Author Search
  • Keyword Search
Citation Use when asked how to cite an article or publication.
  • How do I cite something in APA (or MLA, Chicago/Turabian)?
  • Is this citation done correctly?
Computer_Hardware Use when there are issues with computer hardware.
  • Screen freezes
  • Keys don't work
Computer_Software Use when there is a problem/question regarding software.
  • Do you have Canva?
  • How do you indent in Microsoft Word?
  • How do you insert columns in Microsoft Excel?
  • How do you create a Power Point?
  • How do I send emails?
Databases Use when someone needs assistance with searching databases.
  • How do I search for something in EbscoHost?
  • Where can I find peer-reviewed articles?
  • Which database to use for (subject)?
  • Do you have Lexis Nexis?
Equipment  Use when someone needs assistance with library equipment.
  • How do you use the microfilm reader?
  • I need help with the Scantron machine.
  • How do I scan and send a document to my email?
Events Use when someone asks about events in the library or on campus.
  • What time will the artist talk begin?
  • Where is the art show? (this question should also use the tag 'Where Is')
  • When will the coffee and cookies event begin?
Google_Scholar  Use when you direct a student to search in Google Scholar
  • How do I get to/use Google Scholar?
Hours Use when you are asked the library hours.
  • When does the library close today?
  • What are the weekend/holiday hours?
  • Where can I access the library hours calendar?
Interlibrary_Loan_(ILL)  Use when you direct a patron to request an item we do not own from another library.
  • What is interlibrary loan?
  • How do I request an ILL?
  • Can I renew an ILL?
  • How long does it take to get an ILL?
Reference  Directional
Journals Use when asked if the library carries a particular journal.
  • Where are the current periodicals?
  • Do you have the journal, (title)? (also use the tag for 'Databases' and 'Catalog', since you will be searching to see if we own this title).
  • How can I tell if a journal is peer-reviewed? (also use 'Databases' and 'Catalog' for this question.)
Reference  Directional
LibGuides Use when you refer a patron to the library's LibGuides.
  • How do I know which databases are for (subject)?
  • Where can I get information about copyright?
  • Is there a guide to the LC call number system?
Login Use when you help someone login.
  • How do I logon to the library computers?
  • How do I login to RAIL?
  • Where do I find my username and password?
Mobile_Printing Use when asked about (or suggesting) mobile printing.
  • How does mobile printing work?
  • Can I print from my laptop?
  • Can I print from my phone?
Printing  Use when dealing with issues/questions regarding printing.
  • How do I print this document?
  • The printer is jammed
  • How much does printing cost?
Ready_Reference Use when answering basic reference questions.
  • Which book would help me with APA citations? (also use tag, 'Catalog')
  • Do you have a world atlas? (also use tag, 'Catalog')
  • Do you have a dictionary? (also use tag, 'Catalog')
  • What is the tallest building in the United States?
  • What is the longest river in the world?


Room_No_Vacancy Use when there is no room available.
  • Do you have a room?
  • Can I get a study room now?
Where_Is? Use when you direct someone to a physical destination.
  • Where is I.T. Services?
  • Where is the Reference Desk?
  • Where can I get my Rambler card replaced?
Wifi Use when you answer questions regarding Shepherd's Wifi.
  • Can community members connect to Shepherd's Wifi?
  • How can students connect their phones to Shepherd's Wifi? (also select 'Where_Is?', since you will be directing student to I.T. Services).
Other Use when nothing else works.
  • Why is the carbohydrate count different in two sacks of potatoes?
Reference Directional Technology