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Mendeley: Sharing and Collaborating

Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research.

Creating Groups

With group, you can share documents and collaborate. Your professor and your teammates can read what you uploaded and even better they can read your highlights and notes as well.

With the free version, you can create one private or public-invite only group. Each group is limited to 3 members. To create a group, click on "Create Group" from the left pane under Groups. Choose the kind of group you want to create and fill in the necessary information.

Sharing with Your Group

Once you have created your group, you can add members and documents to it.

  1. To Invite members to the group, go to the Members tab.  You can either add people that are already your contacts on Mendeley by clicking on "Add" or you can email people to join the group by clicking on "Invite".  
  2. You can view the documents of a group by going to the Documents tab.  To Add Documents, go to the group and click on "Add documents" in the top bar, or you can simply drag and drop them to the group.
  3. To download the PDFs that other group members attach to a group, go to "Edit Settings" and tick "Download attached files to group."  Note:  attached PDF files can only be shared in Private Groups, not in Public Groups.
  4. To upload your group wth all its settings to Mendeley Web, hit the "Sync Library" button.

Group Activity

The Overview tab in your group shows the activities going on with the group/group members.

You can like or comment on the posting members made.