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Nursing Resource Guide: PICO Question


PICO(T) Questions

Centre Evidence Based Medicine

Assess the quality of systematic reviews, diagnostic studies and randomized controlled studies.

Levels of Evidence

Descriptions of Levels of Evidence by clinical study category, and Grades of Recommendations

Asking Focused Clinical Questions

Use to help you build a PICO question.

Search MEDLINE/PubMed using PICO

The Well Built Clinical Question

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Evidence Based Tutorials

PICO(T) Nursing




Clinical question

Can motivational interviews be effective in reducing pediatric BMI?

 Possible article:

Tucker, S. J., Ytterberg, K. L., Lenoch, L. M., Schmit, T. L., Mucha, D. I., Wooten, J. A., . . . Wahlen, K. J. M. (2013). Reducing pediatric overweight: Nurse-delivered motivational interviewing in primary care. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 28(6), 536-547