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Library Technology: Computers

This guide will help you get familiar with library technology.

Types of Computers

The library has the following types of computers:

Windows Computers:

  • Desktops (Dell Optiplex)
  • All-in-Ones (Dell Inspiron)
  • Laptops (Dell Latitude)

Apple Mac Computers:

  • Desktops (iMacs)
  • Laptops (Macbooks, Macbook Pros)


  • Notebooks (Asus)

Available computers and peripherals

Reference Lab

The are over 30 computers in this location, including: 28 lab computers, 5 iMacs (2 with scanner), 1 multimedia computer (with scanner), 

Main Lobby

There are now 4 all-in-one computers and they are public accessible. 

24 Hour Room

There are 2 iMacs, 1 scanner, and 5 Citrix clients available in this location.

Third Floor

There are 2 all-in-one computers and 7 regular desktops available for student use. There are also laptops available in each of the study rooms, and more than two dozen computers in Room 307, when not in use by a class.


There are 2 Dell laptops, 3 Macbook Pro laptops, 5 Asus mini-laptops, and 5 Chromebooks available for checkout at the Public Services desk. Other devices you can check out include: iPads, Headphones, USB Storage Devices, Ethernet Cords, Mice, Media Readers, CD Players, DVD Players, Projectors, GPS, Flip Video Camera, Digital Still Camera, Digital Voice Recorder, Laser Pointer, Blu-Ray Player.

* Software included: Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Reader DC, Auf geht's!, Citrix Receiver, Google Chrome, Google Earth, IBM SPSS Statistics 20, Internet Explorer, MATLAB R2013a, Mediator, Medley Desktop, MEGA5.2, Microsoft Expression products, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Silverlight, MiKTeX 2.9, Mozilla Firefox, Notepadd++, QuickTime Player, Ri386 (3.2.2), Rx64 (3.2.2), Skype, SimUText, TurningPoint, VLC Media Player, Weiter geht's!, Zotero Standalone, etc.

Windows Computers

Gerneral Information:

These are the most abundant computers in the library. 

Remember to SAVE all information to your M Drive. Anything not saved on the M drive will be deleted once you log off.

  • How to Login: 

Logging into the computer is simple. Just use the same username and password you use to access Sakai. If you do not know your username or password the column to the right has directions on how to attain this information.

  • Where to Print:

If you are on the main floor: print to either Black and White 1, Black and White 2, or Color Printer.
If you are upstairs on the third floor: print to Black and White 3.
* If you print to a color printer, you will have to retrieve your work from the Main Floor.

All-In-One Help

Remember to SAVE all information to your M Drive. Anything not saved on the M drive will be deleted once you log off.

  • Where do you put CDs/DVDs?
    The disk drive is located on the right side of the monitor. 
  • Where are the USB ports?
    USB ports are on the left side of the monitor.

Finding Username and Password:

Here is what you need to do.

  1. Go to RAIL and click on Next Stop Rail - All Aboard!
  2. Enter your SID (Shepherd ID) and your PIN on the User Login screen.
  3. Click on Personal Information on the Welcome screen.
  4. Click on Password Management at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click on Retrieve Original Password. You will need to read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy. Your Username and Password will then be displayed.
  6. Click on Back to Password Management Menu in the upper right corner.
  7. Click on Change current password.
  8. Enter your new Password twice (6-16 characters long)and click on Change Password. A confirmation page will state your password has been changed.

Mac Computers

Remember to SAVE all information to your M Drive. Anything not saved on the M drive will be deleted once you log off.

  • How to login:

To log into a Apple Macintosh computer in the library, wait for the red icon next to username to go away (usually around 90 seconds). Then put in the username and password that you use to login to Sakai. If you do not know your username or password, refer to the "Finding Username and Password" section on this page.

  • How to logout:

Logging out of a Mac computer is different than a Windows computer - simply drag the mouse to the top left of the screen and click on the Apple icon. At the bottom of the list it will say "Logout" and your name. Click on this to log out, then confirm that you want to log out.

  • How to right click:

The mouse for Mac computers typically only has one button. If you need to righ-click like on a Windows computer, hold down the control button and press the mouse button.

Computers for Checkout:

The Library provides the following computers for checkout:

  • Dell Laptops
  • Macbooks
  • Chromebooks

Remember to SAVE all information to your M Drive. Anything not saved on the M drive will be deleted once you log off.

To use the check-out laptop, you need to plug in the Ethernet jack to login. Once you are logged in, you can use access the wireless network. Please note: You CAN'T print if you use wireless network.


Laptops for checkout have Skype pre-installed.

  • How to login if you don't have a Skype username:

To login to Skype, choose login with a Microsoft account. Use your Shepherd email. (EX:

  • The laptop I checked out does not have a camera built in!

If you would like to video chat, but the laptop you checked out does not have a camera already built in, you can check out a webcam at the front desk.