Subjects: History

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History books are arranged in the following LC classification. Check the ends of the aisles for further breakdowns.

D History and Topography

   DA-DJ, DL-DQ  Western Europe

   DJK Eastern Europe

   DK Russia, Soviety Union, Former           Soviet Republics, Poland

   DR Balkan Peninsula

   DS Asia

   DT Africa

E-F History of America

   E 11-29 America (General)

   E 51-99 Indians of North America

   E 151-904 United States (General)

   F 1-975 United States local history

   F 1001-1140 Canada

   F 1201- Latin America, Spanish             America


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  1. Online Catalog - books at Scarborough Library
  2. WorldCAT database for books held in libraries worldwide. Interlibrary loan feature is built-in
  3. Google Books - newer books not always available in full-text, but still a good discovery tool