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Plagiarism: Turnitin

Definitions, types, and avoidance techniques

Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning of Shepherd University is part of the Shepherd University Learning Commons (which includes the Academic Support Center) on the first floor of Scarborough Library. Directed by Laura Renninger, the Center provides the campus faculty with resources to continue and adapt instruction to students.


While the most important plagiarism detector is the author of the work itself with the assistance of a trusted proofreader or two before an assignment is submitted (and this is an expected standard), there is no way that a professor or university department can say with one hundred percent certainty that plagiarism (accidental or deliberate) is not happening within the student community. Nor is there a reliable way for a single professor or graduate assistant can possibly check for all mis-attributions by him or herself. 

Since these facts are true, the use of online plagiarism detection software is now common and the most well-known is Turnitin, provided by iParadigms, LLC.  Turnitin is in use by Shepherd University.

Turnitin Use Policy and Guidelines

Shepherd University's reason and policy concerning the service of Turnitin are found on the home page of Instructional Technology, a sub-page of the University's Center for Teaching and Learning website.