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How to Search Project Muse: Useful Limiters: Post-Search

Post-Search Refinements

When "Camelot" was searched, the array of limiters altered significantly, opening up certain unavailable options for narrowing the topic further. Some of the below limiters are unique to Project Muse while others, familiar in other subscription databases, are not available until this post-search stage.



 Project MUSE exclusive option: a list of authors who have written and submitted works about the subject (in the example, "Camelot"), ranked by how many works they have authored.



Unlike most databases, where narrowing results by language is performed before a search is run, here in Project MUSE the language tab does not open until after results are displayed.


Journal titles are listed by relevance to the search term and are ranked accordingly.




A Project MUSE exclusive limiter: look through the list of publishers whose journals relate to the search term.