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National Native American Heritage Month: Voices

Welcome to the Native American Heritage Month Resource Guide: In honor of November being Native American Heritage Month, we are highlighting a number of resources that are available through Scarborough Library, in addition to a variety of web resources

News and Publications


Check this out!

"The works of Leslie Marmon Silko are strongly rooted in her own matrilineal tribal background. Like all writing of lasting value, they use particular experiences and places to reveal universal truths. Here, Silko discusses her own background and the interrelationship between her smaller, immediate Native American world and the larger, brutal surrounding world." Approx. 45 minutes long.

Scarborough Library DVD PS3569.I44 Z87 2004

New York Times | A Conversation with Native American on Race

Teen Vogue | 6 Misconceptions about Native American People

Voices and Biographies

TedX Talks | Native Americans: We Shall Remain