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Books and Recordings

1. Find music BOOKS: Use the catalog search box on the library's homepage: You can search by keyword, author, title, subject, or call number.

  • To find musical compositions written by a composer: Type the last name or last name, first name and then click the drop down menu and select Author.
  • To find books about a composer: Type the last name or last name, first name and then click  the drop down menu and select Subject.

2. Find music CDs or DVDs: Use the catalog search box on the library's homepage: Click on the drop down menu after Look In:and select Music CDs or DVDs.

3. To find a specific performer, click on the dropdown menu and select Author.

4. Use the Library Catalog's Advanced Search page for multi-term searches.




1. Find MUSIC SCORES: Use the catalog search box on the library's homepage .  Click on the dropdown menu under: Look in: and select Music Score. For a general search use Keyword or select Author (composer) or title. 

2. For more complicated musical score searches use the Library catalog's Advanced search screen. Scroll down to Type and click Music Score from the drop down menu. You can now enter your search terms above, and the results will be limited to musical scores. 

3. Use truncation for common titles. The truncation symbol is: ? This will find both singular and plural:  symphon? (symphony, symphonies, symphonic) and sonata? (sonata and sonatas).

4. Include both the composer and the title in your search especially if the piece has a common title such as “symphony” or “sonata” or the composer is well-known. Click on Advanced search,and type your search into the text boxes:
                      mozart and symphon?
                      beethoven and sonata?

5. The library owns “complete works” of scores for some composers. Each individual composition does NOT appear in the Library Catalog. Complete works are shelved in M3 both in Oversize and in the Circulating Collection. Some composers for which the library owns complete works are:

  • Bach, Johann Sebastian Oversize qM3.B1132
  • Beethoven, Ludwig van Oversize qM3.B41 1970
  • Berlioz, Hector Oversize qM3.B52 K3
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus M3.M896 1991
  • Palestrina, Giovanni Pirluigi da Oversize qM3.P153

6. The catalog will identify oversize material as: Location: Oversize book in Quarto Collection, 3rd floor. The call number for an oversize book will have a lower case “q” before the call number on the spine.

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