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Shepherd University's Archives and Special Collections: From the Archive Reading Room--Summer2021_SnyderScienceHall

President White

Snyder Science Building, built in 1941, is named for a prominent Shepherdstown citizen, a member of the Shepherd College Board of Regents, and a supporter of the college through decades: H L Snyder, editor of the Shepherdstown Register from 1882-1935.

The library has the Register on microfilm and the Register is also available online through the Library of Congress's Chronicling America initiative.


Shepherdstown Register

Display in the Archive Reading Room

Photo_of_Archive_Reading_Room_Display_Summer 2021_Snyder_Hall

Come view the dedication  program of Snyder Hall, read the hopes for the future from Ms. Florence Shaw and Dr. Ash given at that time, and be amazed that the hall not only still stands but has kept instructing the same subject areas (the natural sciences, such as chemistry and physics) since it was built. 

From the Archive--

Pictures of Individuals and Groups Related to Shepherd College: this five part collection  has photographs of campus from its earliest days until 1965; the bulk of these photographs are labeled and numbered. Several show class lectures, some laboratories. There are even a few pictures of a sock hop held in Snyder Hall because that was where the Rams Den was located before migrating to the Student Center.

Buildings and Grounds Collection: This three box collection contains folders related to buildings on campus or held by the university; items for the current display were pulled from the Snyder Hall folder. Currently, the collection is not yet cataloged; it is, however, available for research.

Tabler Farm: Saving History by Jessica M Emerson: A report on the condition of Tabler Farm in academic year 2000-2001, detailing the need to fix the property's assets so they could be used for agricultural and environmental sciences training as intended when the property was originally purchased.



More Science at Shepherd

Science, natural and applied, has been taught at Shepherd since its earliest days and while Snyder Hall (and its annexes) are the focal point of science instruction, it is not the only location related to science at Shepherd.


Agriculture and sustainable environmental practices are honed at the Tabler Farm property:

An observatory is part of the roof of the library; it is used by the astronomy classes:

The Carl F. Bell Arboreteum: News brief from 2018 about the establishment of arboretum named in honor of former professor of plant biology; the West Campus has a chimney swift tower as part of its design