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Corona Virus (COVID-19): Center for Teaching & Learning

Updates for Library use during the Corona Pandemic

Assistance for Transitioning Teaching, Advising, and Tutoring to a remote delivery Format

Below, please find a link to a variety of online certification training sessions being offered during May 2020.  This information is also posted on the CTL homepage.

Click here for information on Online Certification Training sessions

We ask that advisors make every effort to connect with students during the advising period:  March 25 – April 8.  You can utilize Zoom or Meeting Space.  Communicating about schedules and other issues via email or phone is also acceptable.  Advisors can make use of all tools on RAIL such as the transcripts and degree evaluations.  Most forms are online: and  The student pin codes will still be sent to campus mailboxes although email options are being explored via the Registrar’s office.  The faculty and staff in the Advising Assistance Center are on-hand to assist and can be reached at:  304-876-5317;;; and/or

Option 1:  Zoom

  • Contact Rich Lanham for a free Zoom account: or 304-876-5059. Or, you can go to and click “Sign Up, It’s Free”.  There you are asked to create an account.  Or, you can use Google or Facebook to login.
  • Log into Zoom – most computers have a nice built-in microphone but you can also use a phone for audio
  • Schedule a meeting (host a meeting)
  • Make sure to “share” the screen you want shared (PowerPoint, word doc, etc.)
  • Make sure to click “record” if you want to upload your lecture/presentation to Sakai for later viewing
  • End meeting
  • Once finished, stop the recording and save the file to your computer.  (Recording will take a few minutes to process)
  • Upload the mp3 or mp4 recording file to your OneDrive account (you already have this on microsoft 365 here at Shepherd) or YouTube (you can make a private YouTube account)
  • Copy the link to your Resources area in Sakai
  • Note:  Basic Zoom accounts allow for 100 participants and 40 minutes of presentation time.  Contact Rich Lanham or if you absolutely require a “pro-license” which gives you unlimited time.  A webcam is not necessary to use Zoom.  If you decide to purchase one, however, please purchase the Logitech c920 or c922:  Webcam Requirements
  • Here are links to two Zoom training videos featuring faculty member Ben Bankhurst:  Zoom Training Video;
  • Here is a detailed PowerPoint on Zoom:  ZOOM March 13 Bankhurst
  • Here is a link to a video showing you how to upload a Zoom recording to OneDrive and post on Sakai:  Upload Zoom to OneDrive
  • Here is a link to a quick and dirty Zoom tutorial:

Option 2:  PowerPoint with Voice-Over

  • Take your  PowerPoint slides and add your voice to them. Most versions of PowerPoint have this option built right in.  Here is a quick tutorial:  Add voice to PowerPoint

Option 3:  MeetingSpace

  • MeetingSpace is a module on that works just like Zoom but does not allow for recording.  You need to have in your Sakai site in order to use this platform:  Quick Guide to Using MeetSpace.

Need help transitioning your classes to a remote delivery format due to the Covid19 crisis, here are some great resources.  Remember that quality online teaching is more than just moving materials to the learning management system.  But, it also doesn’t have to be incredibly stressful, either: 

Quick Sakai Training – Videos for All the Tools

Chronicle – Online in a Hurry – Great Articles

Quality Matters Emergency Remote Checklist


Please Keep Universal Design in Mind

Teaching Tools for Moving Online Quickly in Various Disciplines

Option 1:  Remote Tutors –

  • Where? Access via SAKAI account.
    How? Connect to a professional tutor on demand any time.
    What classes? The following classes have a “” tool on the left bar in Sakai.

Option 2: Shepherd Peer Tutors – WConline

  • Where? Access via Wconline account and schedule an appointment with a Shepherd peer tutor.
    How? At the time of your scheduled session simply click on your appointment in WConline and it will take you to a whiteboard and chat room. This platform has videocamera and microphone capabilities.
    What classes? Many core courses as well as writing tutoring.  

Option 3: Shepherd Peer WRITING tutor – SHEPOwl

  • Where? Access via your SAKAI account.
    How? Upload your paper for a tutor to review. Here is a link to the tutorial.
    What classes? Any classes that require papers.

Remember that not all students have easily available access to technology.  Be patient and lenient as much as you can with your students.  And, be patient with yourselves and your colleagues.  This is new territory for all of us and many are anxious.  It’s okay.  See our team below?  We are anxious too.  But, chin up!  You got this!  We got this!