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Shepherd University's Archives and Special Collections: From the Archive Reading Room--Spring2023_Thacher


1922--Mr. Thacher joins Shepherd as Director of Extension services; he also taught History and Economics

1928- Teaches on-campus courses in geography and economics

1937-Sponsor of the "Rumsey Regiment" a social fraternity for all males on SC campus; this organization eventually leads into the formation of a chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon in 1956. Thacher remains faculty sponsor until his retirement

1940'S-1950'S- Thacher sets up laboratory banks for his economics classes to learn finance and business essentials

1961- Retires from position; is an emeritus faculty member, Professor of Geography and Economics.

1961: SC Foundation created; Mr. Thacher is elected a Board member and then President of the organization

1970-Returns for dedication of Shaw and Thacher Halls (West Campus)

Photos of the Display--Left Side--Top Row

Shepherd College Extension Services Ledger 1921-1922


The smallest of the Shepherd College Extension Services ledgers (1921-1922)

Photos of the Display--Left Side--Center

Photography of Mr Thacher's Geography Class


Photograph of Mr. Thacher's Geography class (on campus)

Photos of Display--Left Side--Bottom Row

Deck of cards for playing bridge (game)


Deck of cards for playing bridge

W. R. Thacher


This term's display is a celebration of Mr. W. R Thacher, one of Shepherd College's most famous instructors; he taught economics and geography and was in charge of Shepherd College's Extension services for at least a decade. (1922-1961)

Mr. Thacher joined Shepherd in 1922 as Director of Extension Services and retired as an emeritus professor of Geography and Economics in 1961; his retirement activities included helping the SC (now SU) Foundation start up and included having a residence hall dedicated to his name on West Campus.




Photos of the Display--Center--Top Row

Copy of portrait photograph of Mr. Thacher in a yearbook during his tenure


Portrait photo of Mr. Thacher from yearbook during his tenure

Photos of the Display--Center--Bottom

Small "fan" of dollar bills

Small "fan" of dollar bills

Photo Credits

All photos for this display were taken by Ms. Denise Kretzmer





What are Extension services?

Extension services included correspondence courses by USPS (online asynchronous courses are the current equivalent), course instruction at "satellite" campuses (South Branch is a prominent one) within the "local" area which included the Panhandle and some Potomac Highlands counties, where he (and other instructors) would meet with students who were in teaching positions and conduct classes in the students' local area.



Photos of the Display--Right Side--Top Row

Copy of college  1961 yearbook page 131_Description and photos of TKE fraternity


Page 131 of 1961 yearbook, describing TKE fraternity

Photos of the Display--Right Side--Bottom Row--Photo 1

Shepherd College Fouundatio_FirstDocuments


SC Foundation papers (1961)

Photos of the Display--Right Side--Bottom Row--Photo 2

Program for Dedication of Shaw and Thacher Residence Halls


Dedication program for Shaw and Thacher residence halls (1970)