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Shepherd University's Archives and Special Collections: Reading Room Display Summer 2022 - Famous Former Rams

Archives Items Related to the Display

Diploma of Harry A Osbourn

The Truth about My Friends/Ella May Turner

Stories and verse of West Virginia/ Ella May Turner

From the Special Collections

Sketches from Shepherdstown/Serena "Violet" Katherine Dandridge

The Folks of Swan Pond/Elizabeth Snyder Lowe


2022 Summer Display Left Side

From the back of the display to the front

1887-  Gov. John J. Cornwell; WV state flag sticker

1893-  Mr. Harry A Osbourn; surveyor's kit (mathematical instruments)

1905-  Mr. George B Folk;book from his collection

1957- Mrs. Mary Doakes; panther figure

Photo Descriptions and Credits

2022 Summer Display Center of Case (photos are in order from the back of the case

1895- Ms. Ella May Turner; book written by her about Mr. James Rumsey

1916- Ms. Serena "Violet" Dandridge; sketch from portfolio

1972- Dr. Mary C. Hendrix; Shepherd University pennant displaying the seal of the institution

 Display title and sources (center of display)


Photos taken by Ms. Jess Roberts

Famous Former Rams


Celebrate Shepherd's 150th Birthday by Honoring Famous Rams!

Summer 2022 Display titled Applied Learning:Former Famous Rams and their Occupations


This term's display, titled "Applied Learning: Famous Former Rams" is a  continued celebration of Shepherd University's one hundred-fiftieth birthday. The display is set as a timeline of former Shepherd Rams, usually by year of graduation however if that person only attended the college for a few terms, the years they attended are provided. Each person is named, their years of attendance or graduation provided and what occupation made them recognized in the community, and a small item usually related to their occupation or, in several cases, donations they provided Shepherd later.

Display photo taken by Ms. Jess Roberts

Photos of the Display--Summer Term

State of WV sticker and text about Gov. John J. Cornwell' 1893 surveyor's kit and text about Henry Osbourn, teacher, who used the kit Book on James Rumsey, steamboat inventor, written by Ella May Turner; text about Ella May Turner, professor of English for SC 1908Picketcoversigned by DE McQuilkin; text about alumni and his occupation
Book from the George B Folk library collection;text about Mr. Folk and a gold glitter scales of justice cake topper Sketch of sheep and text about sketch from artist's portfolio;text about Miss Dandridge "Family tree" geanealogical chart;text about alumna
Panther figure and text about Principal Mary Doakes; SU Pennant and text about Dr. Mary C. Hendrix, SU president

SU Pennant and more text about President Hendrix



Gold glitter gavel cake toppers and text about Hon. Gina Groh; hammer and text about Brandon Dennison
  Summer2022Display title and Sources list  

An Invitation

Join us in the celebration!


As you enter the library, visit the Community Reading Room (next to the movie posters) to see the Sesquicentennial Signature Quilt! Ms. Rhonda Donaldson completed the sewing of the squares over Winter Break and it is now displayed for everyone's pleasure.

2022 Summer Display Right Side

From the back of the case to the front:

1901- Mr.  DE McQuilkin; signed 1908 PICKET

1952-  Mrs. Betty Lowe; genealogical chart

1986- Hon. Gina Groh; cake toppers in the shape of gavels

2008--Mr. Brandon Dennison; hammer