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Health Education Code of Ethics

Ethics and Health Education: An Annotated Bibliography  

Eric R. Buhi, MPH, CHES
AAHE Ethics Committee 

The topic of ethics in health education has been widely discussed over the past 25 years. The purpose of this article is to compile, into an annotated bibliography and resource listing, selected resources related to ethical issues in health education practice and research. Resources listed include the 1) HExtra "A Question of Ethics," 2) general resources on ethics, including web sites not specifically related to health education, 3) ethical issues related to the health education profession and to health education practice, and 4) ethics regarding health education and other research and evaluation. 

Development of a Unified Code of Ethics for the Health Education Profession   

The earliest code of ethics for health educators appears to be the 1976 SOPHE Code of Ethics, developed to guide professional behaviors toward the highest standards of practice for the profession. 

The Coalition of National Health Education Organizations recently revised the Code of Ethics.


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The areas of health, physical education, recreation and sports is one of the fastest growing industries today. Due to knowledge about the benefits of healthy and active lifestyles becoming more common place, the field has grown and expanded rapidly over the years. All ages, from adolescents to the elderly are spending billions of dollars and taking part in the millions of others who have chosen to increase their own mental, emotional and physical health through programs and activities.

Video: How Physical Education Affects the Brain

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