This guide will help you get familiar with library technology.
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Computer Access

The Scarborough Library has four desktop computers available for public access.

  • Two are located in the lobby by the 24-Hour Room.
  • Three are located in the Reference Lab on the same floor.

They will be marked with a sign displaying "PUBLIC ACCESS" on the monitor. Unlike other computers, these do NOT require a Shepherd username and password to use.

If you need assistance locating a public access computer, feel free to ask for help at the Public Services desk.


Community members can use the Xerox machines for all of their scanning needs. The scanned item can be saved to a flash drive, or it can be sent to your email. For instructions of how to do use the Xerox machines to scan, please refer to the Printers & Scanners page of this guide.


Printing is available to everyone in the library. (Note: Printing is not available for personal devices.)


  • Black and White: 15¢ per page
  • Color: 25¢ per page

If you wish to print a document, go to the Public Service desk in the lobby and ask for a visitor's card. This card costs $1 and can be reused whenever you visit the library, much like a debit card. You can add funds to this card at the Public Service desk.

When printing from a Public Access computer, the print job will be saved as libkiosk. You will need to remember or write down the time at which you print your document, as there could be several print jobs queued up by other patrons of the library.