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Who can connect to the Shepherd Wireless Network?

  • Who can connect to the Shepherd Wireless Network?

Students, faculty, and guests are now all able to access Shepherd University's wireless networks in the Scarborough Library!

Connect to Wireless

  • For students and staff:

Students and staff have access to the "registration" network on Shepherd University's campus. To find out how to set up your personal device to make it compatible for network access, please visit User Support on the ground floor of the Scarborough Library. You can also attempt to set it up independently by visiting IT Services website:

  • For community members/guests:

Community members and guests can now access the Shepherd's wireless through the "SU-Guest" network. This network provides temporary access for up to 24 hours. This network is available at various locations on campus, including: Scarborough Library, Byrd Science Center, Erma Ora Byrd Hall, Frank Center, Knutti Hall, Snyder Hall, Student Center, and White Hall. [View a map of these locations HERE.]

To connect to the network with your personal device, please visit the IT Services website for directions: