Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Studies

OS/Browser Recommendations

To ensure the best SciFinder experience, use the latest recommended Web browser technology. (Updated  June 15, 2016)

Windows 10: Firefox 46 and higher, Firefox 45 (ESR); Internet Explorer 11; Chrome 50 and higher

Windows 8, 8.1: Firefox 46 and higher, Firefox 45 (ESR); Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 8); Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 8.1); Chrome 50 and higher

Windows 7*: Firefox 46 and higher, Firefox 45 (ESR); Internet Explorer 8 and higher; Chrome 50 and higher

Windows XP Professional, Vista*: Firefox 46 and higher, Firefox 45 (ESR); Internet Explorer 7 and 8; Internet Explorer 9.0 (Vista); Chrome 50 and higher

Mac OS 10.11: Safari 9.0; Firefox 46 and higher, Firefox 45 (ESR); Chrome 50 and higher

Mac OS 10.10: Safari 8.0; Firefox 46 and higher, Firefox 45 (ESR); Chrome 50 and higher

Mac OS 10.9: Safari 7.0, 7.1; Firefox 46 and higher, Firefox 45 (ESR); Chrome 50 and higher

Mac OS 10.8: Safari 6.0, 6.1: Firefox 46 and higher, Firefox 45 (ESR); Chrome 50 and higher

Mac OS 10.7: Firefox 46 and higher, Firefox 45 (ESR); Safari 5.1 and Safari 6.0, 6.1; Chrome 50 and higher

Mac OS 10.6: Firefox 46 and higher, Firefox 45 (ESR); Safari 5.0 and 5.1; Chrome 50 and higher


Additional Recommendations and Requirements

JavaScript, Java and cookies must be enabled.

Add to your browser’s "Trusted Sites" and Pop-up blocker Exceptions lists.

A PDF reader is required for printing SciFinder answers and other information. Adobe Reader can be used with Mac or Windows computers. Preview is a free viewer provided with Mac OS X.

Appropriate ActiveX and plug-in permissions are required for Internet Explorer.

CAS Structure Editor Requirements

‚ÄčSciFinder users have two options for structure drawing.

1. Non-Java CAS Structure Editor

A non-Java structure editor is available. Meeting the basic browser and
operating systems requirements outlined above, and having JavaScript and cookies enabled are sufficient to use this editor. A Java plug-in is not required.

The Non-Java structure editor allows SciFinder users experiencing problems with Java to draw structures for substance and reaction searches. The available features are equivalent to those in the Java version.

2. Java-based CAS Structure Editor

  • Note for Chrome Users:  The September 2015 update to Google Chrome 45 disabled NPAPI support completely, and all Chrome 45 users will need to switch to the Non-Java CAS Structure Editor. 
    The April 2015 update to Google Chrome disabled the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which is required for the SciFinder Java-based structure editor to function. See these instructions on enabling NPAPI support to allow the JRE plugin to run, or use the Non-Java CAS Structure Editor.
  • Having trouble using the Java-based CAS Structure Editor since the release of Java 1.7.0_65? Try the non-Java editor or see our recommended solution (1/16/14)
  • Using the Java based structure editor requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and the associated Java plug-in to link the JRE to browsers. A 64-bit version of Java is required for 64-bit browsers.
  • For all supported Windows operating systems and browsers use Java version 1.6.0_65 or later, or 1.7.0_65* and later. 
  • Note: Oracle has discontinued Java support for Windows XP. For more information see We recommend using the Non-Java CAS Structure Editor, or upgrading to a newer operating system if you wish to continue using the Java based editor.
  • For Mac OS X 10.6 up to and including 10.7.3, use Java version 1.6.0_65. For newer versions of Mac OS X use Java version 1.7.0_65* or later.
  • Newer browsers may require the most recent versions of Java for security purposes.
  • Visit or the Oracle Java site to see if Java is installed and working on your computer.
  • Information about downloading and installing Java is available at the page.


When using Java version 1.7.0_45 or later you may be required to "Allow" Java to run for each new SciFinder session. Look for the warning icon and when prompted select "Allow" or "Don't Block". 

 Use the Non-Java structure editor if you have difficulties accessing or using the Java-based editor. For assistance contact the CAS Customer Center.