Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Studies

Introduction to SciFinder

Help with SciFinder

CAS, provides a lot of training material on the training site which include interactive tutorials, PDF documents etc. Below are some of the links to the tutorials:

Introduction to Substance Searching

Search by Exact Structure

Search by Substructure

Introduction to Reaction Searching

Introduction to Reference Searching


You can also try CAS Learning Solutions:

Create an account in the Learning Solutions, you'll be able to to explore the full range of self-directed training resources including learning paths, interactive tutorials, and product documentation.

System Requirements

To ensure the best SciFinder experience, use the latest recommended Web browser:

For Windows: IE 8 or after

                     Firefox 3.6x or after

For MacOS: Safari 5.0 or after

                   Firefox 3.6x or after

Java (JRE) Plug-In Requirements

Structure drawing requires a Java plug-in. For all supported operating systems and browsers use Java version 1.6.0_31 or later.

Additional Recommendations and Requirements

JavaScript, Java and cookies must be enabled.

Add to your browser’s "Trusted Sites" and Pop-up blocker Exceptions lists.

A PDF reader is required for printing SciFinder answers and other information. Adobe Reader can be used with Mac or Windows computers. Preview is a free viewer provided with Mac OS X.

Appropriate ActiveX and plug-in permissions are required for Internet Explorer.