Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Studies

Create an Account in SciFinder

SciFinder requires every user have his/her own account before using it. Click on the following link to register. Note: THIS LINK ONLY WORKS ON CAMPUS.

SciFinder Registration

Please follow the instruction on the following PDF file (How to Register to Use SciFinder). NOTE: YOU MUST USE YOUR SHEPHERD EMAIL TO REGISTER. You will receive a confirmation email with a link. Please note that there's a known issue of the link not working from web version of Outlook. If that happens, please copy and paste the link into a browser. It will complete your registration.

After you finish the registration process, click on the following logo to logon to SciFinder using the account you just created.

To manage the account you just created, go to

Trouble Registering

The common mistake during registration:

Unauthorized IP Address

User registration is available only from IP addresses specified by the key contact at your organization. Please try to register again from an authorized location.

This error message occurs when you're trying to register from other location rather than the university network. Solution: try to register when you're on campus.