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This guide is to get CIS, CIT and CPE students familiar with library resources concerning their subjects. Please use the top links to navigate. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me or other librarians.

Featured Journals

The library subscribes to the STEM 25 package from IEEE Xplore Digital Library which includes the following 25 titles. You can start searching by clicking on the IEEE image above.

Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, IEEE (1986–)

Annals of the History of Computing, IEEE (2003–)

Antennas and Propagation Magazine, IEEE (1990–)

Communications Magazine, IEEE (1979–)

Computer Magazine (1970–)

Computer Graphics and Applications Magazine, IEEE (1981–)

Education, IEEE Transactions on (1963–)

Engineering Management, IEEE Transactions on (1963–)

Engineering Management Review, IEEE (1973–)

Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine, IEEE (1998–)

Intelligent Systems Magazine, IEEE (2001–)

Internet Computing Magazine, IEEE (1997–)

IT Professional Magazine (1999–)

Multimedia Magazine, IEEE (1994–)

Network, IEEE (1987–)

Pervasive Computing Magazine, IEEE (2002–)

Power and Energy Magazine, IEEE (2003–)

Proceedings of the IEEE (1963–)

Professional Communication, IEEE Transactions on (1972–)

Pulse, IEEE (2010–)

Robotics & Automation Magazine, IEEE (1994–)

Security & Privacy Magazine, IEEE (2003–)

Software Magazine, IEEE (1984–)

Spectrum, IEEE (1964–)

Technology and Society Magazine, IEEE (1982–)

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