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Save/Print/Email Part of the eBook

It is possible to save/print/email part of the eBook. On the detailed record of the book, there is "Publisher Permission" note indicating how many pages are allowed to be saved/printed/emailed.

To do that, click on the full-text PDF (or other available format) on the left hand-side. It brings you to the full text of the book. On the top tool bar, you can click on "Save Pages" or "E-mail Pages" and choose the pages you would like.

eBooks Check-Out Policy

Loan Period: 28 days

Fine Due: None

Maximum Check-Out: 10

Place a Hold: Yes

Hold Period: 3 days

Downloading eBooks

Most of our eBooks are ready for download for offline reading. Before you can do that, You will need Adobe Digital Editions (see useful links box) downloaded to your computer and you'll need to create a My Ebsco account. The video below will explain how to do that and how to download eBooks from Ebscohost.