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Scarborough Library is one of more than 1,150 libraries nationwide that are Federal Government Depositories.  Since 1813 depository libraries have provided free public access to Federal Government information.  The library has been a federal depository since 1971.  As a selective depository, we receive about 14% of the documents in the program.  Users can search for documents in the library's catalog.  For major federal documents see Basic Collection and Core Documents of U.S. Democracy.

The majority of the paper Depository Library Collection is located on the third floor outside Room 307. The microfiche Depository Library Collection is located on the main floor in the Microform/Copy area. Large government maps and posters are located in the Reference area on the main floor in the map case. All the documents in the Depository Library Collection are arranged in SuDoc order which is based on issuing agency. For an explanation of the SuDoc system see: Finding a Document on the Shelf: SuDocs Classification from Colorado State University.


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