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Non Education Databases

Why use non-educational databases? The education field is diverse and interdisciplinary.  For example, disciplines such as HPER, Sociology, and Communications often overlap with areas of Education.  Depending on your choice of topic, your search results will be enhanced by including one or more relevant subject databases.

EBSCO Tip: Search Multiple Databases Simultaneously

Search Multiple EBSCO Databases Simultaneously

The field of Education is multidisciplinary. 

In addition to Education databases, those in Psychology, Sociology, Gender Studies, Communications, Computers, MEDLINE, etc., will help expand the resources available for your research topic.

  1. At the Library's homepage, Under the "Popular Electronic Resources"  select EBSCO Host then EBSCOHost Web
  2. You'll arrive at the EBSCO search page.

  3. A list of 38 EBSCO databases will appear.
  4. Place a check-mark beside the databases you want to add and say OK.
  5. You're ready to search the databases you've added - all in one fell-swoop!

The results list from your search will show which databases each article came from. 

If you have any problems, ask a Reference Librarian.