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Shepherd University's Archives and Special Collections: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I have something I would like to donate to the Shepherd Archives and Special Collections. Will you accept it?

Thank you for thinking of Shepherd University Archives and Special Collections as a place for your donation.

Before committing to giving us your valued items/materials, please read the SUASC Collection Development Policy to make certain your potential donation fits listed criteras for inclusion within the archives and special collections. If the item fits, feel free to contact the Special Collections Librarian and bring in your item for review.

Item review is for an item's inclusion in the archive; it is NOT an appraisal of an item's monetary value.

If the donation is accepted, a Deed of Gift form will be filled out in duplicate. The donor relinquishes all ownership rights to the items given and how they are used; a copy will be given the donor for the individual's permanent records.

What are the archives and library's hours?

The archive reading room's hours vary according to the yearly academic calendar.

Fall and Spring Semester: Mon, Wed, Thurs: 5-7pm, Sat: 10am-noon; 1pm-5pm; Sun: 1-3pm and by appointment (please e-mail or call to make one)

Summer hours are by appointment only.


Library hours vary according to the yearly academic calendar. Please refer to the Library Hours page for current information.

Is parking available for visitors?

Yes, campus parking is available for visitors to the university. Campus police request that all visitors obtain a Visitor pass from them. Campus police are located on West Campus at Moler Hall.

There are several parking spaces for those with disabilities in front of the library on North King (these are designated both on the asphalt and with signs); most other visitors either park in A-Lot directly behind the library or find a spot in town.

A campus parking map with descriptions of each lot is provided by the Shepherd University Police Department.

What is a guest RAMBLER? and related information

You must have a RAMBLER card (Shepherd ID card) or a guest RAMBLER card in order to copy or print--stop at the Public Services Desk and ask to have one.

Guest RAMBLERS are NOT library cards.


  • Act as a debit card for copiers and printers at Shepherd University
  • Cost of printing or copying is $.15 for black and white copies, $.25 for color.
  • Patrons add money to the card at the public services desk
  • The guest RAMBLER does not expire

Does the library have public access computers available?

Yes, the library has five public access (or use) computers available.

Two of them are located on the left side of the library's main floor, near the 24 hour room.The other public use computers are on the right side of the main floor, positioned just under the READ posters.

All public use computers have an open desktop displayed onscreen; all non-public use computers have a login screen.  All computers, besides the MACs, have Windows 10 as the operating system.


Please remember to save any work to a USB flash drive or e-mail it to yourself. Items saved to the desktop, network or C: drive will be deleted after the computer is logged off. 

How do I print from a public access computer?

Printing from the Public Use Computers

  1. At the public use computer, hit the "Print" command of whichever computer application is being printed (a word document, a spreadsheet, a photo).
  2. Choose either the black and white printer or the color printer from the printer options.
  3. Click "Print" icon. Write down the time at which you sent your job to the printer.
  4. Go to the printers located near Rm 256 and the Reading Room on the main floor. There are two black and white printers (on the right side) and one color printer (left side, closest to Rm 256's main door.) Black and white copies (per page) are $.15; color copies are $0.25.
  5. In order to release a print job, you must have either a RAMBLER or a guest RAMBLER (see question "What is a guest RAMBLER") with money on it; if you do not have money on the card, please see the public services desk.)
  6. Tap the screen of the printer you are using to wake it up.
  7. Swipe the guest RAMBLER face up (the card will remain "flat") to bring up the printer queue.
  8. Locate owner name "libakiosk"--this is the owner name for all documents coming from any public use computer. Check the time of the document against the time you sent the job to be sure you are printing the correct document.
  9. Touch the print job you want to release until the job highlights (should turn  dark blue)
  10. Touch the print square at the bottom of the screen to print your job. Money will automatically be deducted from the guest RAMBLER for each printed page.

Do you have a microfilm reader? What about copiers?

Microfilm Reader/Printer

The library possesses one microform reader (it can read both microfilm and microfiche) in the reference area.

If you need help loading, viewing, or handling microfilm or microfiche, please ask a library staff member or librarian for assistance.

The microfilm machine allows a patron to use a USB flash drive to save images (PDF) of the screen they are reading, if a patron has one. 

Printing from the microform reader is available; all printed pages arrive at the public services' desk printer. It is $.15 per page to print, payable at the public services desk.


The library possesses two copiers near the Public Services desk.  Copies cost $0.15 a copy for black and white but $0.25 for color. Use of the copiers for copying requires a RAMBLER or a guest RAMBLER card; other features the copier offers (e-mailing a scanned picture, for example) are free.



This page's information is reviewed periodically, verified, and updated at least once a year.